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Reducing Petroleum Input to Farming, given reduced supply and rising prices  A Farm for the Future 01, and more in this series.   BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis, filmed in the UK. Featuring Martin Crawford (Agroforestry Research Trust), Fordhall Farm, Richard Heinberg and others.   Topics covered are the influence of oil on the food production, peak-oil, food security, carbon emissions, sustainability and permaculture.

Greening the Desert

March 1, 2007, | “The Permaculture Institute of Australia has created a system to transform 10 acres of dead African desert into a food forest.  The 10 acre landscape had been poisoned with pesticides and naturally occurring salt and was considered a dead, barren wasteland.  The Institute created a system which catches rainwater and filters it into the earth.  The filtering flushed the soil of salt and pesticides and allowed trees, shrubs, and grasses to grow.”

“Here’s an incredibly upbeat story from a permaculture practitioner: Geoff Lawton established a garden in a dry salty desert in Jordan. Permaculture techniques offer us so much, and one real cause for optimism is that you can grow food even on quite degraded land that industrial monoculture will leave behind. Geoff’s story is extreme, but it really happened! 🙂
Permaculture Research Institute of Australia » Greening the Desert
This is just one example of how permaculture can transform the environment, and, in so doing, dramatically change lives. By evidencing the dramatic transformation possible in the world’s worst agricultural scenarios, we hope to make people stand up and listen.”
Robert Brothers “A wonderful video that gives us hope! It very clearly shows how the miracle was accomplished — capturing all of the minimal rainfall in raised ditches,heavily mulched . . . etc. Please watch this and pass it on!”

Olaus and Mardy Murie: Alaska’s Passionate Protectors

October 21, 2013, | “Margaret (Mardy) Murie is fondly called the Grandmother of the Conservation Movement, but her love of the land began at a young age. Born on August 18, 1902 in Seattle, Mardy moved to Fairbanks with her family when she was five years old. Her step-father was an assistant U.S. attorney. She attended Simons College in Boston but finished her degree in business administration at the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines, now the University of Alaska.”

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HISTORY – Olaus and Mardy Murie: Alaska’s Passionate Protectors
“I hope the United States of America is not so rich that she can afford to let these wildernesses pass by, or so poor she cannot afford to keep them.” – Mardy Murie – In congressional testimony about the Alaska Lands Act
Thanks to Dena Nickell for posting this. – Olaus and Mardy Murie, 1902 – 2003
Olaus is rememberd as a biologist, Alaskan explorer and author. Mardy is often call the ‘grandmother of the conversation movement.’
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