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Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), Video + New Yorker article: 12 million acres reforested in Niger

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“A good news story for a deforested and degraded world”:, 9/19/10, posted on fb 2/23/12
It’s time to let the genie out of the bottle. Tony Rinaudo presents this good news story for a deforested and degraded world – it’s all about Farmer Managed ….” COMMENT: GoodNews FortheEarth:
~ MOST SUCCESSFUL REFORESTATION TECHNIQUE IN THE WORLD? Perhaps. — 12 MILLION ACRES IN NIGER, A SUCCESS STORY DISCOVERED 20 YEARS LATER. See p.7  in this article in “The New Yorker” (pp. 5-9) describing the unexpected success of farmers’ restoring trees among their crops
The two keys to this success are classic examples of localism:
— it is done by farmers on their own land, not by paid workers on land owned by others.
— it supports the natural regeneration of trees, rather than planting new ones.
Here’s the website for Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, featuring a 7 page report.
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You-Tube has many other related videos.
The re-greening of the Sahel via FMNR is discussed at length in Mark Hertsgaard’s book, “Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth,” see pp. 187-195, and 302 at

Willie Smits: How we re-grew a rainforest

March 3, 2009, | “By piecing together a complex ecological puzzle, biologist Willie Smits has found a way to re-grow clearcut rainforest in Borneo, saving local orangutans — and creating a thrilling blueprint for restoring fragile ecosystems.”

Willie Smits: How we re-grew a rainforest By piecing together a complex ecological puzzle, biologist Willie Smits has found a way to re-grow clearcut rainforest in Borneo, saving l…
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Santa Fe River Preserve Restoration Project Completed: Cleaner Water Provided, Habitat Restored

August 9, 2004 , | “Last week WildEarth Guardians finished a sometimes highly controversial project to improve water quality and wildlife habitat of the Santa Fe River downstream of the city wastewater treatment facility.  Over the last three-plus years local school children, city residents and WildEarth Guardians staff have planted literally thousands of native trees in an effort to restore the native streamside forest.”

“~ PLANTING TREES AND SHRUBS CAN WORK MIRACLES: Planting 100,000 trees and shrubs heals rivers stripped bare by cattle, for more, see -John Horning,,
You Gotta See It to Believe It
Watch the difference! WildEarth Guardians works to restore degraded river systems in the Southwest, including the Santa Fe River. See the changes from year-to-year.”
  • Pedro Di Girólamo“Before seeing it, I will share it, cos. the United Nations have declared year 2011 as the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF TREES.

    And because Trees and the sister disciplines of PERMACULTURE that are FOREST FARMING and FOREST GARDENING are my present passion of study and promotion.
    BTW, I share this with your very good introduction.”
  • Tamara Griffiths “awesome, great work, takes alot of effort but so worth it, well done well done”
  • Mary Chambers “The United Nations hs declared 2011 as the International year of the trees????? and the UK government are determined to sell off ALL, not just some but ALL our forests!!!!”
  • GoodNews FortheEarth“OK folks, I’m so glad you like this news! Ecological restoration is especially crucial because it both revitalizes ecosystems and eats up carbon. If any one else can find before and after info like this, please let us know, and I will look for it myself in the work of the Lomakatsi Restoration Project in Ashland, Oregon, where I serve on the Board.

    — cheers, Robert
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