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Biopori In Action (BIOACT) In Indonesia

October 2, 2010, | “Biopori In Action (Bioact) is an environmental awareness program of the Department of Public Social (BEM), Faculty of Politic and Social Science (FISIP), University of Indonesia that has been running for five months.  So far, no other faculty that has been implemented the holes Biopori system which is aimed to reduce puddle of water and make the soil becomes loose during the rainy season.”

“indonesia…specially java now try BIOPORI prevent rainwater down to earth …we hope this project prevent the big city from floods and dificulty to find clear water…by made hole on our yard about 1mtr deep and 1,5 inch wide then put some organic garbage in it .
we hope this organic trash work as food for micro organism and make humus for the soil it self.
with at leas 5 or more hole in every house we put our hope in this project .”
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    • GoodNews FortheEarth“Here’s a link to one story I found about this solution to the floods that have become larger and more frequent in large cities, more damaging to people and ecosystems alike, due to so much pavement blocking the natural infiltration of water.

    • Putra Rangga Aditya “thank’s…i wish that project work well..but most important is how each of us try to make a green house by a lot of plants on our yard…and reduce the unorganic trash.”