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Safeguards on Natural Gas Drilling

8/29/11 “Today the Railroad Commission of Texas proposed a new rule for implementing HB 3328, the mandatory natural gas ‘fracking’ disclosure bill passed by the Legislature earlier this year. Under the Commission’s proposal, drillers of new natural gas wells will be required to begin reporting their use of chemicals, additives and base fluids as soon as the rules go into effect.” — 
Sierra Club, Texas Green Report

University opens states’s first Vegan cafeteria

August 26, 2011, | “Next week, the University of North Texas will open the nation’s first strictly vegan cafeteria.  North Texas is winning praise from animal welfare advocates even if its officials didn’t set out to make a statement of that sort: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is awarding North Texas a ‘compassionate campus award.'”

Mariette Low shared a link via Eve Feng.
“University opens nation’s first Vegan cafeteria –
North Texas is winning praise from animal welfare advocates, even if its officials didn’t set out to make a statement.”

Mother Grey Whale Sends a Message from the Klamath River

August 23, 2011, | “The awe inspiring mother gray whale that spent 53 days in the Klamath River died at 4:19am last Tuesday morning, August 16.  One sentiment stands out—she was a messenger.  No matter how tirelessly scientists and others tried to lead her out of the fresh water and into her native habitat, she would not go. She did not leave until her message was heard.  But, what was her message? And, was it heard?”

“It’s good news when people get a special message from special actions by other creatures with whom we share the Earth.  In this case, a Gray Whale swam up to the busy Hwy 101 bridge where she could reach thousands of people.  The message re…”
  • Zandra Melville “please keep us posted on what the tests reveal:) beautiful picture, beautiful whale, powerful message. i thank her”

The Number Of Farmers’ Markets In America Has Exploded — Here’s Where They’re Really Popular

farmers markets mapAugust 4, 2011, | “There’s a growing desire among many Americans to have a closer connection to the food they eat, and one place where that connection is fostered is the local farmers’ market. The USDA’s Economic Research Service tracks multiple aspects of how food is produced and consumed in the United States. They recently made a chart showing how the number of farmers’ markets in the U.S. has more than quadrupled since the mid-nineties.

Data from the USDA shows how the number of farmers’ markets in the US has changed, and where markets are concentrated.
  •   Jeffreys Raynolds This is so great – we have the largest ground swell of permaculture and small home farmers in this country right now – hundreds of groups on Facebook, and this good news! YAY humans!”