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Successful Campaign Pressured Big Banks To Drop Outrageous Fees, 10/30/11, “~ We are making an exception to our policy of only posting info that *directly* benefits the Earth, in order to bring you news of this validation of our activist use of the Internet: INTERNET ACTIVISM CAN WORK! BIG BANKS HAVE CAVED IN to the petition against $5 debit card fees by 22-year-old Molly Katchpole — now been signed by *303,346 people* … including you ? CLICK THIS LINK, read the story, view the videos, and SIGN THE PETITION TO KEEP PUSHING ON BANK OF AMERICA, who has not backed down completely and is still charging debit card fees to some customers, despite a recently reported $6 billion profit this year.” Martita Rivera, Luz Engelbrecht, Good Vibrations like this. Submitted by Robert Brothers

Shalahnia Riversong Yes, signed by me! October 31, 2011

Scientists Confirm Algae Is the Most Effective Alternative Energy Source

Oct 29, 2012, | “As a frantic search and debate continues over the best alternative energy source, Scientist at Rutgers University establishes reasons, confirmation and viability of algaculture as the best alternative energy choice.”


Bella Bell shared a link.

100% carbon neutral energy for the future…

Obama recently endorsed the role of algal biofuels in long-term US energy strategy: “Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17 percent of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in the United States.” See:

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Solar Power Goes Mainstream, 10/28/2011, Solar power installations doubled in the United States last year and are expected to double again this year.
Submitted by Sharon Morgan   October 31, 2011

Historic Condit Dam Removal in Washington State – Time Lapse Video

  National Geographic News, 10/28/11, For 98 years, the 125-foot high Condit Dam in southeastern Washington State held back the White Salmon River, creating a serene lake, but choking off the waterway to salmon. Wednesday, in an historic effort, the dam was dramatically breached, and ecologists hope the increased flow of water will restore the waterway to fish and other aquatic organisms, as well as the birds and mammals that rely on them. GoodNews FortheEarth likes this. Submitted by Polly Howells  

Comment by GoodNews FortheEarth ‎ “~ AMAZING VIDEO of an historic event! An excellent article accompanies the video. PacificCorp the owner of this dam, is also the owner of dams on the Klamath River in California that are also slated for removal.” November 3, 2011

A White Salmon River free of Condit Dam is monumental for tribal elder, kayaker and a fish biologist

Oct 25, 2011, | In 1913 the Condit Dam went up near the mouth of the White Salmon, supplying electricity to a paper mill but stopping salmon cold.  It’s scheduled to be breached Wednesday. With 700 pounds of dynamite, PacifiCorp contractors will set off a final charge to complete a drain tunnel blasted into the bottom of the dam, creating a hole that will empty the last of Northwestern Lake and begin the dam’s demise.”

See also this in-depth article re 8 OTHER DAM REMOVALS in the Pacific Northwest,
Condit Dam Removed from the White Salmon River in Washington”
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Focusing on Low-Conflict Zones to Promote the West’s Economy, Protect Wildlands, and Build a Clean Energy Future

October 16, 2011, | “On July 14, 2011, Interior Secretary Salazar announced the Department of the Interior’s commitment to create a “framework for developing large utility-scale solar energy projects on public lands, based on landscape-level planning and the best available science, designed to promote the development in “solar energy zones” in six western states.””

“~ Major conservation group develops a program to lobby federal agencies in the USA for solar projects that do not damage important ecological resources

Solar energy is already playing an important and growing role in meeting our energy needs, kick-starting the economy and protecting our clean air and water with sustainable, American made energy. With rooftop solar programs across the country, large-scale projects capable of powering hundreds of tho…”
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Kamikatsu, Japan is a Zero Waste Village | “The Mayor of Kamikatsu, a small community in the hills of eastern Japan, has urged politicians around the world to follow his lead and make their towns ‘Zero Waste’.”

Robert Brothers shared a link via PeopleTowels. Zero Waste Village = Kamikatsu, Japan

The Mayor of Kamikatsu, a small community in the hills of eastern Japan, has urged politicians around the world to follow his lead and make their towns “Zero…
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