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UK Ban on ALL Wild Animals in Circuses to Go into Effect in 2015

Ocotber 26, 2013, | “With the recent happy news of Los Angeles’ ban on bullhooks, animal advocates and lovers can now rejoice again as the UK announces its soon-to-be official ban on ALL wild animals in circuses, joining other European nations like Austria, Greece, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ban is intended to be fully instituted starting in December 2015.”

Huge Victory! UK Ban on ALL Wild Animals in Circuses to Go into Effect in 2015
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  • Robert Brothers “~ the fewer wild animals in circuses, the more there will be in the wild, keeping the ecosystems together to benefit all of us on the whole Earth!

The Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture

October 6, 2014, | “‘In the Second World War,’ Samuel Zook began, ‘my ancestors were conscientious objectors because we don’t believe in combat.’ The Amish farmer paused a moment to inspect a mottled leaf on one of his tomato plants before continuing. ‘If you really stop and think about it, though, when we go out spraying our crops with pesticides, that’s really what we’re doing. It’s chemical warfare, bottom line.'”

Ciska Therese shared a photo to GoodNews FortheEarth‘s timeline.
“A group of Amish farmers is re-inventing organic agriculture. By studying the immune system of plants, they have developed a technique that restores natural bal…”