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Hymn for the Seeds ~ For the New Year

For the New Year  ~ a HYMN for the SEEDS by Cristobal Ayres Wells, ALL SPECIES PROJECTS, Oaxaca, Mexico

~  This version you can pass on if you like for broadcast planting ~

It came to me that there was no song in the hymnal for Seeds &  If Seeds aren’t divine , well what is ?

So this old school  Praise and Worship  song came to me . It can be sung in a lot of ways ~ This is how it sang the first day that our choir leaned into it :CAW Choir =~ Char =Acordian /JuliaM =Alto Cielo/ Madi Sado=Yarriba!/ JonGagan=Bass/CaW=Guitar&Words

So the goal for a Hymn is to get people to take it to heart and mind by singing it ~ This is a song searching for choirs ~ A song for this year of Earth ~ May Her Songs Free Her ~ CaW

Hymn for the Seeds, Cristobal WellsFor the New Year  ~ a HYMN for the SEEDS by Cristobal Wells (CaW)


Turkey Bans Import of Corn Distiller Grains Using GMOs

GMO Free USA, 12/27/14, “Turkey has put a stop to its soaring purchases of U.S. distillers’ grains, tightening up enforcement of regulations on genetically modified crops and banning further imports due to the inclusion of unapproved varieties. 3 shipments were turned away this week, and a 4th was diverted. Turkey is replacing the GM distillers’ grains, which are used for animal feed, with homegrown soy and is unlikely to reverse its decision. Another blow to our farmers and our economy as the 6th largest importer of U.S. GM distiller grains says NO to unapproved GMOs. And the cows don’t want them either.”

KenGen targets 560MW of more geothermal power

Energy and Petroleum Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge (left) and KenGen managing director Albert Mugo during the company’s AGM in Nairobi on December 16, 2014. PHOTO | SALATON NJAUDecember 16, 2014, | “Electricity generator KenGen has a target to inject another 560 megawatts of geothermal power to the national grid in the next four years, which could offer further reprieve for consumers in form of lower bills.”

Robert Brothers shared a photo to GoodNews FortheEarth‘s timeline.
Kenya’s power output is expected to get a further boost with the addition of a further 70MW to the national grid, as part of the 280MW target placed by Kenya El
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Regenerative Ranching in North Dakota

Dec 11, 2014, | “Outside Bismarck, ND is a ranch that exemplifies a quiet revolution in commercial agriculture. While more and more consumers learn about the overwhelming benefits of eating healthfully (preferably local, organic food), a growing number of farmers and ranchers are weaning themselves from the grip of a small cartel of extremely powerful chemical “pharming” corporations. They are returning to a style of farming that had always existed before. Gabe & Paul Brown are a father and son who are not shy about showing off their beautiful land and visibly happy livestock. They practice what they call “Regenerative Farming” – a set of practices that encourage biodiversity and the natural enrichment of untilled soils.”

An example of Regenerative Farming & Ranching to mitigate climate change: All no-till, with animals grazing on the cover crops and crop residues = less C02 into the atmosphere. No pesticides, fertilizers, or fungicides, since 1993.
Outside Bismarck, ND is a ranch that exemplifies a quiet revolution in commercial agriculture. While more and more consumers learn about the…
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The Truth Behind America’s Meat Industry

December 1, 2014 | “PBS series ‘Food Forward’ centers on one question: How did something as fundamental as food go so fundamentally wrong?  In this clip from Food Forward, visit a family ranch in Bluffton, Georgia, that goes back five generations, and the man who deindustrialized it for the sake of his animals and the environment.”

Kevin Village-Stone shared a link to GoodNews FortheEarth‘s timeline.
And now he’s more proud of his farm than ever.
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