World Peace Prayers all around the Earth, Hawai’i to Nigeria, 9/28/2019, focusing at 1:11 pm Pacfic time


… Snow started falling with the start of the AIM song when I hit the first beat on the white buffalo calf skin drum, in a circle of ten people from local Indian tribes who have not always gotten along — granpas, grandmas, daughters, husbands, nieces, as well as me and the fire man, who got a little fire going to keep us warm in the 38 degree weather. We all felt very happy and blessed to be together praying, not only with each other, but with loving souls all over the world. Looking out over the beautiful forests and rivers that surround our homes, from our hearts we offered this beauty to everyone on Earth, as our offering of Peace.


Someone asked that we sing a blessing song for Greta, and we did — a wild, wailing kind of song with some strong growls,

This morning when I saw the mountain on the way there, it was covered in cloud. While we were up there on top, we could see clearly all around and below us, when we left, we noticed that it had rained much harder lower on the mountain than where we were, and after we left, we looked back up at the mountain and saw it was covered in clouds again.

My friend was late on his way driving up the mountain, wondered what time it was –> 1:11 for sure! and just then, wind began to howl and rain came pouring down on his truck.

We know the spirits of the Earth want Peace when they encourage us like this by giving their attention and support.

May our network of prayers be linked with more people and nature spirits everywhere. There was a time when we worked together, and that time is coming back when Earth needs us the most.

After the ceremony, we all shared a meal on the mountaintop and chatted about lots of things. Dear friends out there so far away, let’s chat some more after the ceremony too.  — Bobcat

Reports from other ceremonies:

Olivia, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia:
Love to each one of you!
Your Prayers were so Felt here!
Your Presence, So Real.
I love how our Love stitches us so tightly together…..

“Prayed at the Food Pantry, the Farmers Market, and along the Rockfish River this Morning. Just as last year, low clouds slipped over the mountain tops and over our rooftop and slid down to the lake with the wild geese.
Can’t explain how happy I am.

“We have all the folks from last year back: Lord Nelson’s Food Pantry Board, Moji Tokubanjo in Maryland and Family in Nigeria, Astrid Marie in Gavle, Sweden, Isabel in Lisbon, my Friends and Family in DC, Brothers near the Sierras, Friends on Mt. Whitney, Friends on Mt. Baldy (our home for years), Friends in Alta Loma, Friends at Dana Point, Friends in Santa Barbara, Friends on Monticello, Friends on Walk-About-Lane, VA, Friends in Fresno, CA, Friends in Claremont, CA, Friends in Academy, California, Friends in Stoney Creek, Friends on Wintergreen Mountain, VA, Friends from Mt. Palomar, CA, Friends and Family in Prague, Friends in Charlottesville, VA …more will be checking in as the wheel turns…..I keep turning to see all of your Faces!”

Olivia’s view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia











Paul Nugent, Mount Baldy ski area, World Peace Pilgrimage, the main ceremony sponsored for 15 years by the Aetherius Society:
“Even before we departed for the mountain rain began to fall. This is the first time it has rained in the area for months! The change in our weather also brought cold temperatures which, on the downside, deterred many pilgrims from attending even though they had pre-purchased their ski-lift tickets. As such, attendance was the lowest we have ever had with just 60 pilgrims on the mountain, albeit from many faiths and nationalities, including Swami Atmatattwananda of the Vedanta Society, a veteran interfaith activist who will be 90 next week.

“However, these faithful few were rewarded for their spiritual endeavor for we drove through the rain to arrive at the ski-lift above the clouds to be greeted by clear blue skies and a much more moderate temperature than had been expected.”