Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Grandmother Moccasin Trail/Olivia Ellis led a powerful ceremony from her home.

Olivia: “Our ‘Prayer Chairs’ in the pasture are under a big Pine tree, and lifting your eyes to the Appalachian Mountains you can see Eternity.   It’s where I sat on Saturday, sending out my love for Thee.  Where I looked for every face who said, “I’ll pray for Peace with you instead of getting angry at the news.” You came clearly into view.  Thank you! Let’s go there every day at Noon. And Dawn and Dusk.” “The Forest comes right up to the Prayer Chairs where it’s easier to talk and be understood.   And easier to be silent and understood.”`

“Daybreak’s dew was thick and welcomed the white cloud mist with a very wet kiss. At the front door morning glories opened wider than before and their inner light began to pour into my heart and inner eye. “Ectoplasm,” the white mist said, “use it to manifest whatever’s in your heart and head.” Okay, I said. And did.

Later that day, Olivia wrote how she and friends worked for many hours  delivering food to waiting cars at the Nelson County Pantry in Lovingston, Virginia.  The photo shows A.J., his sister and Great Granny relaxing for a moment.  “All three of them and the youngsters’ Mother were eager to join California’s plea for World Peace and the Healing of Forests burning worldwide. Pantry Staff signed on, too, eager to do whatever a body could do. That’s the kind of people you find in Nelson County, Virginia, big hearted with big Souls.”

Olivia asked many people around the world to join us:  “From the moment Astrid Marie began to get rain in Sweden, we have had so much moisture in the morning fog, and then today cloud burst after cloud burst, deep rolling thunder and all of this rain. Five straight hours of it. Thank you, Prayer Warriors, all around the planet, thank you children, mothers and great grandmothers at the Nelson County Pantry, pantry board members, neighbors and long distance rain dancers, all who opened to regenerative Joy and Praised Creator for our sweet Mother’s Love.”