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Indigenous Ecuadorians March Against Canadian Copper Mine
QUITO, Ecuador, March 8, 2012 (ENS) – Several hundred members of the largest Ecuadorian indigenous organization today began marching to the capital, Quito, to protest new mining in their territory. They expect to arrive in Quito on March 22. The indigenous march started from Yantzaza in Zamora Chinchipe province southern Ecuador, where …

Pope apologizes for Catholic church’s crimes against indigenous peoples

July 15, 2015, | “‘I want to tell you, and I want to be very clear: I humbly ask your forgiveness, not only for the offenses committed by the Church herself, but also for the crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.'”

 Robert Brothers
Pope Francis asks forgiveness from indiginous people of Latin America for the suffering the church had caused during the “conquest of the Americas.”
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The Leap Manifesto isn’t radical. It’s a way out of Canada’s head-in-the-sand politics

September 15, 2025, | “Every political class considers themselves inclusive, diverse, open-minded. But present ideas that stray outside the boundaries of sanctioned debate, imposed by power and a patrolling press, and watch how quickly they stoop to bullying. Consider the response to the Leap Manifesto, a declaration released this week by an unprecedented coalition of Canadian authors, artists, national leaders and activists in the midst of a federal election. It lays out a vision – bolder than anything on offer from political parties – to transition the country off fossil fuels while simultaneously improving the lives of most Canadians. Climate change is presented not just as an existential crisis but an opportunity – indeed, imperative – to make the political and economic system more just and fair.”

The Leap Manifesto isn’t radical. It’s a way out of Canada’s head-in-the-sand politics | Martin…
A powerful movement in Canada, animated by a compelling and positive vision for the climate and economy, can force the hand of whichever government comes to…|By Martin Lukacs
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Ten Carbon Majors Support Global Climate Deal

oil rig

September 7, 2015, | “Ten of the world’s largest fossil fuel producers support an international deal at this year’s UN climate conference, COP21, in Paris that will limit climate warming to 2 degrees Celsius, according to the nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP.”

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Anglo American, BG Group, and BHP Billiton; as well as Italy’s Eni SpA, Russia’s Gazprom, Spain’s Repsol,…
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First Nation builds spirited solar project in the heart of Canada’s oil sands

August 28, 2015, | “One of Alberta’s biggest solar projects has been built in one of the most unlikely places—the heart of Canada’s Peace River oil sands. The Lubicon Lake Band aboriginal community launched the Piitapan Solar Project, a 20.8kW renewable energy installation in Little Buffalo, Alberta. The inspiring 80-panel solar project was developed in a bid to create more green jobs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. ”

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An aboriginal community in Alberta has turned to solar in their fight against tar sands oil development.
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Brazil’s special forces wage uphill fight against Amazon destroyers

July 10, 2015, | “Carrying guns and wearing jungle fatigues, the three men don’t look like scientists as they push their way through the thick foliage of the Amazon.  They’re trying to reach a clearing they’ve seen on satellite images. When they finally get there, they discover that the largest trees have been uprooted by a tractor. The ground has been seeded with grass to create a pasture for cattle.”

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Carrying guns and wearing jungle fatigues, the three men don’t look like scientists as they push their way through the thick foliage of the Amazon.|By Los Angeles Times
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3 New National Monuments Are Established by Obama

July 10, 2015, | “President Obama announced on Friday that he was designating new national monuments covering more than a million acres in California, Texas and Nevada, his latest use of executive power to preserve public land. Mr. Obama designated Berryessa Snow Mountain in California; a paleontological site in Texas known as Waco Mammoth; and the Basin and Range in Nevada, which includes rock art dating back 4,000 years, the White House said in a statement.”

New national monuments —
Republicans have criticized the president for using the law that allows the designation of such sites more than any of his predecessors.|By Julie Hirschfeld Davis
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7 million Arctic Defenders, Greenpeace and First Nations communities fight to stop Arctic drilling and defend our coast

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“All I have is my voice, my body and the truth I speak. I can’t do this alone.
We — 7 million Arctic Defenders, Greenpeace and First Nations communities — will stop Arctic drilling and defend our coast and our climate.”
— Audrey Siegl (sχɬemtəna:t), Activist and Artist, Musqueam Nation & Greenpeace
Stand with me, as I face off against Shell and join the movement to save the Arctic.

“Facing such a massive machine from a tiny boat is terrifying, but I believe – and I bet you do too – that we all have a duty to do whatever we can to protect our sacred lands and waters. Shell may have money and massive machines, but the people united are more powerful.
Up until now Shell has tried to ignore the voices of millions of people around the world who have said yes to Arctic protection and no to Arctic drilling. But they won’t be able to for much longer, because instead of sitting idly by while Shell forces its way into the Arctic, regular people, like me, are saying enough is enough and creating an international spotlight on Shell’s drilling plans.

In April, six activists boarded and occupied Shell’s drill rig, the Polar Pioneer, for 7 days in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
In May, hundreds of kayaktivists gathered in Seattle to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling fleet.
On Monday, Greenpeace USA activists bravely paddled their kayaks out to Shell’s monster rig and formed a human blockade in front of it preventing it from leaving the port of Seattle!
And today, just when Shell thought they had a clear path to the Arctic, with your help, we were ready, and waiting.

Today I’m accompanied by the Greenpeace ship Esperanza in the Pacific Ocean on the west coast but I am here on behalf 7 million of people calling for the renewable solutions that already exist.

Because of regular people, like you and I, we’ve made it impossible for Shell to sneak up to Arctic waters and drill quietly. The movement to save the Arctic has made Shell’s drilling plans front-page news.

But the reality is that Shell could start drilling as early as July 1st, we need to do everything that we can before then to stop this madness before it starts. Please keep standing with us this summer, as the movement grows. This won’t end today, together we can take on Big Oil!

nə́c̓aʔmat tə šxʷqʷeləwən ct
We are of one heart and mind

Audrey Siegl (sχɬemtəna:t)
Activist and Artist, Musqueam Nation

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110 Scientists Band Together To Stand Up For Native Rights, Against Keystone XL in Canada


June 17, 2015, | “A group of more than 100 scientists, ranging from economists to geophysicists, have come together to stand against development in the Alberta oil sands, Indian Country Today Media Network reports.  In a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the scientists invoked the treaty rights of aboriginal people, Native sovereignty, and scientific evidence in their statement against the extraction of bituminous crude from Alberta.”

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Native Americans are on the front lines of this fight, and they will make powerful allies in our battle to protect our planet.
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Largest native title claim in NSW acknowledges Barkandji people in state’s far west

June 16, 2015, | “Four hundred people gathered near Broken Hill for the ceremony and greeted the announcement with cheers and emotion.  The determination by consent by Federal Court judge Jayne Jagot recognises the Barkandji people’s connection to country has continued since before colonisation.”

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NSW’s largest native title claim to be settled in state’s far west
Hundreds of people are gathering in NSW today for a court ruling on the state’s largest native title claim.

Native traditional methods revived to combat California drought, wildfires

June 12, 2015, | “As California battles its worst drought in 1,000 years  — and after massive wildfires swept across the state for two consecutive summers — a number of tribe members, scientists and U.S. Forest Service officials are working to revive traditional Native American land management practices that some believe could help contain the blazes and lessen effects of the drought.”

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Good news for the earth!
As state grapples with dry conditions, first peoples called on for their traditional knowledge
Al Jazeera America
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