Ceremonies on Saturday, 8/25, for Peace with Earth ? and Wildfires ? 11 to 2:30, Pacific Time, focus at High Noon, are happening on Mount Shasta and Mount Ashland, and 33 other places around the world (and wherever you are) simultaneous with the Ceremony for World Peace that’s been happening on Mount Baldy for 14 years.
A full list of places can be found here, where groups and individuals will be doing ceremonies, formal and informal.  For example, Nancy Bloom / Mount Ashland, Wildhorse SacredTree / Mount Shasta, Sara Tone & Cealila / Mount Tabor, Geri Littlejohn / the ocean in South Carolina, and Diane Patterson & Sheba / Sweden. Where will you be?
Suzy Chaffee and Olivia Ellis have asked me to put out this call for folks to join us. 










Suzy Chaffee Snowdancing 25 years ago

Grandmother Moccasin Trail reading her poetry, 35 years ago.

Nancy Bloom blessing each one of us at the beginning of Blessing Mount Ashland, 4/12/2011.



Grandmother Medicine Trail (Olivia Ellis, Ph.D.) studied for many years with Mary Duty (1920-2010), Grandmother of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation.  Olivia has been named a “Teacher of the Year” in the LA County Schools, and is a poet acclaimed by Robert Bly, “Olivia’s poems hit you square in the chest.”

In 2004, Olivia led the triggering ceremony on Mount Baldy near LA, which helped end Southern Cal’s 7 year drought.  After Suzy Chaffee got these heroic Earth Healers celebrated at the LA Ski Show, Olivia became her chief advisor.

Grandmother Mary Duty

Of Grandmother Mary Duty, Olivia writes, “She called me Sister, saw me as a sister, named me Grandmother Moccasin Trail the year before she passed.  “If anyone’s walking that trail, it’s you, Olivia,” she would say:
‘Every day I pray for the Earth.  I SUFFER FOR HER.  We need to take care of Her.  She gets a little snow, and people complain.  She gets a little more and more people complain.  They aren’t thinking Mother Earth needs it.  We need to protect Her.’

“Grandmother Mary spent so much time giving readings to all the Chiefs who called, and to their families as well as her own family members, to any and all-everyone she knew from years past she would never say no.

“She asked me for readings and said whenever I could, to call her because she knew I would know when she needed to talk.

“Many of our phone conversations began, “I weep for Mother Earth.  I weep and I weep for Mother Earth.”

Suzy Chaffee is an Olympic downhiller star who helped invent ski dancing down mountains and became World Freestyle champion and “Suzy Chapstick” in the first fun fitness and women sports commercial. She then used her fame to lead the Title IX March for Equal Women’s Sports and Education in schools and finally got it enforced (by educating Senate Health Chair Ted Kennedy on a chairlift and President George Bush Sr on his Fitness Council, that “The Right to Sport is the Right to Health,” along with Billy Jean King’s (Cherokee) lawyers at Universities.)

In 1996, Suzy co-founded the Native American Olympic TeamFoundation with the Ute leaders in Telluride, after teaching a local Lakota (Rollingbears), the joy of skiing with a comp ticket from Telski. It inspired him to lead a snowdance that saved Telluride’s snowless Christmas. (Hence their mission to “Create Joyful Unity thru Sports & Education to help heal Mother Earth for all our Children.”)  Over 23 years they have enlightened ski areas across the U.S. and Canada to share snowsports in their ancestral mountains with over 15,000 tribal youth. Since everyday is Mother Earth Day for the Indigenous, they naturally give love and appreciation to Her, so these ski areas are blessed with the most snow in their regions. Plus it inspires the Elders to lead emergency snow and raindances, which have saved ski areas from droughts for 57 years, documented by the press, including the 2002 Utah Olympics.  In 2007, when Europe was suffering from the “warmest winter in 1,250 years,”  Suzy got Shasta Elder Jim Skywatcher Prevatt to lead a snow gratitude ceremony on Valentines Day at Mt Shasta while their youth and leaders happily danced down their sacred mountain on skis.  In solidarity with people globally doing an Elders-led prayer,  snow started returning to Europe within 48 hours.  I was so touched Skywatcher gave me an eagle feather,” and another Elder called me “Thunderbird Sky Woman.”

Nancy Bloom, 1980s

Nancy Bloom will be facilitating the ceremony on Mount Ashland in Oregon, where she has been doing meditation, workshops, and ceremonies on for more than 20 years.  With this kind of steady devotion, we like to call her “Our Lady of the Mountain”.
Here’s Streamsong, a gorgeous a capella song in spirit language that came to her along Ashland Creek, and which I always ask her to sing at the annual multi-cultural ceremony, Blessing Mount Ashland.


Wild with her daughter, Jade

Wildhorse Sacredtree will be spearheading the ceremony on Mount Shasta, where she and her friends love to be and pray.  Also attending will be Ron Griffman (Karuk-Shasta), the grandson of Charlie Red Hawk Thom (Karuk), 1928-2013, who did purification sweat lodge ceremonies, open to all, on Mount Shasta for 2o years.

Charlie Red Hawk Thom

Ron Griffman








Geri Little-john will be at the ocean’s edge at Folly Beach, South Carolina connecting in with voice, and flute, and prayer.  Of this ceremony, she wrote:  “I never have any doubt of the power of prayer from any location at any time and especially when added to other prayers.”
 has been making and playing Native American style flutes for 24 years. She graced our ceremony in the snow up high on Mount Ashland last spring, and having heard her heart there will make it easier for me to feel her far away and down low with Mama Ocean.
It seems that by stretching ourselves like this, we are making our connections stronger.


puddle selfie

By the way, this is Bobcat Robert Brothers here, calling my friends, editing this website, and tuning into these ceremonies from a sacred mountain near my home.  Please check out these other websites if you wish:  EarthDevotion.org, BlessingMountainsintheSnow.org, and the website of the grassroots ecological restoration phenomenon on whose Board I sit as Treasurer, Lomakatsi.org