Evidence of the Metaphysical

When an invisible one wants to make sure we get a message, they make it visible.

My friends and I have received so many clear and meaningful signs that have no normal explanation that we figure we should start talking about them. These include a wide range of events: objects appearing out of nowhere, birds and other animals approaching us directly, the weather and tree branches responding our requests, etc.

These may appear to be from nature spirits, people who have left their bodies, or who knows who.

Unlike with magical or spiritual stories, we are not talking about visions or channeling. We are talking about direct physical signs. The strongest evidence of the metaphysical comes from events that many have witnessed. Signs that only one person has witnessed are considered worth telling only when the witness is considered to be reliable and having nothing personal to gain by telling us. The assumption here is that anyone would have seen it if they had been there with the witness.

Our goal is not to convince people that the metaphysical reality that we witness is real. Rather, it is to inspire those of us who know it is real to take it even more seriously than we already do – share our stories more, discuss all this more with each, and thus help open each other more to the best ways that we can follow through on these incredible gifts.

I. Signs that Many have Witnessed
One clear sign of metaphysical influence occurred when thick smoke from nearby wildfires threatened a long-planned-for gathering. Someone who had lived at the site for many years asked the Spirits to clear the air, and they did. The smoke dispersed when the fire for the gathering was lit, and only returned 3 days later, after the fire was put out.

Another dramatic example that has continued for many years is described at www.ospreyspath.org.  In April of 2017, the meaning of the straight line connection of 3 Major Mountains, one on each side of Mount Shasta, to an ancient Salmon Ceremony site, was affirmed and clarified at the beginning of a ceremony on Mount Ashland:  an Osprey flew close overhead, coming from Mount Shasta and headed directly to Ti’lomikh on the Rogue River. Not everyone remembered it, but three people did, including the ski area manager. Since then, Ospreys have circled directly over 5 more people, again and again in different places over the past 5 years. The most spectacular flyover happened during the most recent Mount Ashland Ceremony and activation of The Osprey’s Path, when Ospreys flew twice over the 4 people praying at Ti’lomikh, hovering and flapping its wings in greeting. At a prayer meeting with many in attendance, special kind of feather appeared out of nowhere, showing that a recently departed friend was there with us, and could help the person we were praying for.

On the 1-year anniversary of a loved one’s death, a Red Tail Hawk hovered over the memorial service, waving its wings and squawking loudly over the crowd.

After praying for relief from wildfires on a mountain top sacred to many of the Indigenous people in attendance, a fire broke out on the highway between the mountain and their home. Within minutes, a crew of fire fighters who just happened to be driving along the highway saw the fire, and put it out.

At an Earth-honoring ceremony, someone did a full-on puja, the culmination of which was to take a little brass tea pot filled with water from sacred rivers of India and pour the water on the snow to bless the mountain. They walked around the altar once, pouring the water out slowly, and then they walked around the altar once again. Part way through the third round, they just like waved the little tea pot up and dumped the rest of the water out onto the snow, as if exasperated and wonderfully surprised that the water from the tiny pot just didn’t stop. How can we chuckle with awe?

And last but not least, people laughed and cheered at this most widely witnessed example of the metaphysical flying right into the physical — a tiny bird landed on the stage of Bernie Sanders rally in Portland, in front of over 11,000 people — Nature’s endorsement, for sure!  Read more

II. Signs that two people have witnessed

“A Badger at the Tor — Vision of Spirit Guide comes to someone at a Sacred Site, via cell phone.” Along a back way at Glastonbury, a Badger walked right in front of someone, and they sent the video to someone to whom Badgers were special. At the moment he received it, he was on the top of Glastonbury Tor, astounded that his Guide animal appeared to him at an exact place of deep magic.  Read more

In another example, a book falling off one person’s shelf told another who it was that gave them instructions about how to honor their father’s death.

On the 1-year anniversary of a loved-one’s death, someone received a call, “I don’t know who you are, but I was told to call this number.” It turned out they both had sensed the loved-one’s leaving this realm after one-year’s time, according to tradition.

In deep meditation by a river, two people opened their eyes at the same time, to see an Eagle flying right in front of them, about 6 feet away.

“The Chant, which is most well known and familiar around the world, is ‘Mother I Feel You.’  This was channeled thru her while she was lost in a deep trance meditation while sitting on top of Spencer’s Butte, on a sunny afternoon in 1984, in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She woke out of meditation singing it and pounding on the ground. Since the first day she began sharing it ,many people have learned it, singing it all over the world. It has been translated into many languages. It has been recorded in many different musical projects and used in movie soundtracks. The common thread in all of these endeavors has been the people’s love for the Earth.”  Mother I Feel You, Source of text

III. Signs that only one person has witnessed   
Leonardo Da Vinci, “While I was in my cradle, a kite came down to me, opened my mouth with its tail, and struck me several times with its tail against my lips.  This is one of my earliest memories.  It seems that I was always to be so deeply concerned with birds.” (Codex Atlanticus)

Here’s a borderline case, an example that many witnessed, yet which depends on the veracity of one person. The electricity in a house had been turned off to avoid a fire danger from intermittent shorts caused, presumably, from ground squirrels chewing on the wires underneath the house. For several years, the house was powered by extension cords from the solar panel batteries. Then one morning, the lights came back on. The owner took a look, and sure enough, the switch that one else knew the location of had been turned back on.  The message was clear:  the house is safe now, and you have helpers.

Someone heard a voice tell them to go to the top of a nearby hill, thus enabling them to tell the survey person how not to disturb an ancient burial place and sacred site.

Wild camping on an ancient trackway in Avebury, someone woke to see the ‘eye-markings’ pattern of a butterfly’s wings in a new crop circle in the adjacent field.
Butterflies are ‘important’ to mother and daughter who it seemed personally for, and to the girl’s departed father.

On the way to a special place, two Barn Owls flew along someone’s car, accompanying them in the last phase of their journey.

Someone had been praying from their yard but got guidance to go to Ti’lomikh Falls and do it from there. The air was pretty clear when they arrived except for a huge plume of smoke coming from the northeast. After they called in support and anchored in the intention for balance, harmony, and peace among all elements, a huge Osprey came to circle overhead, and the energy shifted dramatically. Soon, that ominous plume receded. By late-afternoon, it was totally clear with blue skies and a cool breeze coming off the river.

A scrabble piece appeared out of nowhere, completing a phrase that told someone how much the Spirits appreciated the work they had done over the last twenty years.  Read more.

A voice told someone to go on past the freeway exit where they had intended to turn off, thus causing them to double back and see the wing of a road-killed Red Tail Hawk waving at them from the roadside. So they stopped and took it home, where it came in handy later.

A Red Tail Hawk and a Great Horned Owl landed together in a meadow in the morning, and were seen facing each other with their talons tangled, just like the night before two people to whom those two birds had appeared in significant ways were moved to face each other and hold hands in that powerful, intertwined way.

A big dead branch high up in a tree had been threatening to fall for years, so before a large gathering, a person finally told the branch. “Listen, if you are going to fall, please fall now.” So that night, the branch did, narrowly missing the car of someone who had parked there not knowing of the request, even though the car was parked directly under the branch.

A flicker feather was found by a creek where someone prayed.  Then a flood came and raised the creek far above where the feather had been placed. Yet when the flood waters receded, the feather was still there.

Sometimes, we may be literally woken up. Someone napping in a car had a dream of Mount Shasta, woke up, and there it was. Napping by the river on the land that they had come to for the first time, someone woke up to see an Eagle flying directly over them. The Eagle then landed on a nearby tree, and looked right back.

On the 1-year anniversary of a loved-ones death, someone found in a river the kind of stone that was very special to the departed.

Someone saw three deer walking in a line gracefully across the mountain road in front of them, in their headlights at night. They did a double-take. First at their beauty, and then at their markings: the white dots of fawns on much larger deer.
Coming up the road a week or so later, this person saw the same three deer crossing the road at the same place.

By some fascinating and powerful circumstances, her role at the Blessing was passed on to her from a Lakota friend with whom she had done sweat lodge ceremonies for many years. During the last sweat lodge ceremony with him, she asked him to sing the Grandmother Song, as she had often asked over the years. This time he said, “No, this is not for me to do anymore, you do it.” So she did. Then, after the ceremony was over, she noticed that he had left early, which he never did, and left his sweat lodge shorts there too. The next day, he was gone to the spirit world. At the next Blessing Ceremony, she sang the Grandmother Song in Lakota at the beginning of the ceremony, as he had done for many years.

Years later, after she had stopped going to the ceremony, the ceremony leader happened to see her on the highway on the way to the next ceremony. After the ceremony, he saw her again on a different highway. Both times, they stopped to talk, just if such coincidences like these were the normal thing to happen.

This leaf appeared on the windshield of my truck after a ceremony — Robert Brothers

Here’s another affirmation. I had just laid down in bed for the night when I heard an animal calling.  It was midnight, on the full Moon.  A Fox, I thought. But maybe a Bobcat!  I sat up and saw a shape flash past my window and I could barely see it when it stopped in the tree shadow, in front of me about 20 feet.  It was big and thick, head in full shadow, looking out into the meadow.  I and the mystery critter stayed like that for a while, quiet in the shadows, with silver moonlight streaming down around us from the huge, bright, full Moon at the top of the sky.  When it turned and trotted off quickly the way it had come, I could see its long body with a short tail, so I now have a tale to tell you about when my namesake came to visit.  The precise timing tells me to pay attention and accept the recognition.  What we are doing is important.  — Robert Brothers

IV.  Personal Stories