“While Bernie Sanders was in the middle of a riff on education policy in a speech at Portland’s Moda Center, 3/25/16, some of the roughly 11,500 people attending began pointing at a bird who had landed on stage next to Sanders. Sanders turned to face the bird and chuckled, drawing cheers from the audience.
“Now, you see this little bird doesn’t know it ―” Sanders began.”

But, as if to assert that she knew exactly what she was doing . . .

“Just then it hopped right on to the lectern where he was speaking, right in front of him. The audience went wild, standing up and cheering for several seconds.
Once the bird had flown away and the cheers died down, Sanders finished his thought.
‘I think there may be some symbolism here,’ Sanders said.
‘I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace! No more wars,’ he concluded, drawing another round of loud applause.”  Huffpost

The Bird looked right at Bernie before she flew away.

The bird was a female house finch, a colorful little bird with a cheerful, twittering song commonly found from coast-to-coast.  She stayed with Bernie for about 40 seconds, just long enough to make history.  “The meme heard around the world.”

Oregonian Video here

This happened just weeks after Bernie upset Hillary Clinton with an unexpected win in the Michigan primary.

A cartoon, showed Hilary whispering to Bill, “If he turns water into wine, I will really lose it!”

Lots of Memes: Followed by a conclusion.









Why is it that when the prophecy fails, many people forget the undeniable sign?
Because many people are told only about infallible prophets.

Perhaps, the more we realize that the beings who seek to help us are not omnipotent, the better we will be able to take what they offer seriously.