Sometimes people say that it is “the Universe” that caused something special to happen. This can be a feeling like the stars must be in just the right alignment, that the vibes were right.

However, the complicated details of some examples seem to tell a different story. For a person to receive a video of his Guide animal at the moment when he was on top of Glastonbury Tor requires precise timing involving two other beings: the Badger and the person who took the video. If the Badger or the videographer or the person on the Tor had been a little earlier or later, this would not have happened.

It seems to be rather difficult for us to think about how this was achieved.  In physical terms, one imagines 2 people with cell phones talking back and forth to each other, and telepathically with the Badger.

“Okay, the Badger is happy hanging out around the Hedgerow for a while, and is ready to cross the lane when I give the signal.”

“Great, but the person with the cell phone just stopped to talk with a friend.”

“Oh no, and the man is climbing up the Tor faster than expected. I’d better make him trip up a bit and slow down.”

“Good, that might just do it. I put out an idea to the person talking with cell phone person that there was something she needed to be doing soon, so the talk is over and the cell phone videographer is back on pace.”

“ohhh, but the Badger just had to take a poop. I hope it comes back in time.”

“That’s ok, I can see the two people converging more slowly on their destinations.”

“The Badger just emerged from the bushes and a couple just stopped to photo it, this should make the timing perfect.”

“ok, here we go, all are in position, and the video camera is catching it!”

Badger, “Yay Team!”

“Yeah, thanks Badger, you did great!”

Badger, “Ok, but will those humans ever get how much we care for them, to go to all this trouble?”

Glastonbury Badger, from Harriet, IMG_0730