Federal Court Overturns EPA Approval of Bee-Killing Pesticide

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September 10, 2015, earthjustice.org | “Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected U.S. EPA’s approval of the neonicotinoid insecticide “sulfoxaflor.” The Court concluded that EPA violated federal law when it approved sulfoxaflor without reliable studies regarding the impact that the insecticide would have on honeybee colonies. The Court vacated EPA’s approval, meaning that sulfoxaflor may not be used in the U.S. unless, and until, EPA obtains the necessary information regarding impacts to honeybees and re-approves the insecticide in accordance with law.”

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VICTORY! We just received great news that a federal court has thrown out EPA’s approval of a controversial pesticide that is killing bees! This is a huge sigh of relief to beekeepers across the U.S. whose livelihoods depend on healthy bee colonies. http://ejus.tc/1J351uw
The pesticide, sulfoxaflor, has been linked to widespread bee colony collapse, which is why the beekeeping industry teamed up with Earthjustice to challenge EPA’s approval of the pesticide. Since 1 in 3 bites of food depends on pollinators such as honeybees, this court victory also greatly benefits our food system.
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