Fire progression

The wildfire is now burning across the river from my house. This afternoon it moved more swiftly than we had expected, up a side slope to the peak of a little mountain just opposite our garden. The photo and video show what I saw when I woke up from my nap and walked outside, just at the moment when the fire had reached a deep pocket of forest and blew up into another bonfire and spectacular cloud like I had shown you before, but now right there in front of me. When I opened the door of my house, I heard the fire before I saw it. A truck with fire folks had just left, but when they got out of the canyon to the top of the ridge, they looked back, saw the blowout, and turned around. They will be here all night, just in case.

The second photo shows how the fire had calmed down 2 hours later. Ideally, the fire will burn slowly through the night, burning through bushes and small trees that would otherwise burn a lot hotter when the sun comes up and endanger the larger trees. This has been the general pattern of the fire over the last few days. Two nights ago I had looked out my bedroom window at a hillside glowing like the embers of a campfire, but when I looked at it today, it was still mostly green. It is hard on the animals, though. Tonight two Canada Geese flew between us and the fire, honking like they do. I have never seen these kind of birds fly through here before, and they do not usually fly at night, but there’s a lot of unburned forest to the north in the Wilderness where they were heading. I hope they find a nice spot to land on some cool mountain lake.

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