0 - Collage with Circle, Naomi, Devon, Peia, Nancy, Larry

After the ceremony:  “Considerably more snow than forecasted.”

First Snows Mountain Blessing, Mount Ashland, Sunday, November 23, 1-3 pm at the ski area to pray for an early opening with lots of snow.  

Different Cultures in Common Prayer for Our Common Ground ~ Mother Earth. 

No speeches, no sermons, only uninterrupted prayers, spoken and musical — all heart!

In how many more places can we do what we did on Mount Ashland on 11/23, thanks to those offering prayers, spoken and musical (clockwise from bottom left) Nancy Bloom, Naomi Kerongo, Devon Strong, Peia Jessyka Luzzi, Zahira Clement, Larry Morningstar, and (not shown) Ron Griffith, Sara Tone, Krishna Deva, Suzanne Mathis McQueen, & Robert “Bobcat” Brothers — with help from Olympic Skier and snow ceremony activist Suzy Chaffee.

Below:  Peia Luzzi offers her musical prayers to inspire others to approach the altar and offer theirs — dipping their fingers in the water of the ancient stone bowl and casting it up to the sky, calling in the snow clouds from far away to come share their blessings. JD Anderson. Ashland Daily Tidings, 11-24-14

Peia Luzzi offered her musical talents while individuals approached the altar. JD Anderson. Ashland Daily Tidings, 11-24-141 - Calvin, cropped

1 - Devon, closeup, flipped, Tidings, JD Anderson


Let’s Keep Calling in the Snow

3 Weeks after our “First Snows” Mountain Blessing

“considerably more snow than forecasted…”

Jamie Schectman, Mt. Ashland Ski Area