Dear Friends, please consider joining the collaborative, wiki news service, GoodNews FortheEarth, with correspondents all around the world – now hopefully including you!

We are offering a *new strategy* for all the movements to take better care of our planet — highlighting the good news of our successes in addition to the bad news about the threats.
Good news will inspire more people to join in creating a new way of living that can succeed!

What we are asking people to post to our Wall is links to SPECIFIC VICTORIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS that directly benefit the Earth. These include everything from court victories protecting land or stopping pollution to volunteer beach cleanups; clean technology innovations; organic farming/permaculture acres planted, crop yields, and farmers’ markets; or spiritual ceremonies to bless the Earth.

Please look around where you live, or anywhere via the media, and let us know whatever good news you find, however small . . . by others, or by you : )

Letting folks know about the good news is one of the best things that we can do, because the greatest obstacles holding us back right now include the feeling of hopelessness that we can get from hearing so much bad news everyday from the media.

Let’s help each piece of good work for the Earth do double-duty — in itself, and as an example to inspire us!

Best wishes,

Robert Brothers, cheerleader : )

Wiki = We are the Key

Volunteer Correspondents Needed!  We need more committed correspondents to make this project grow big enough to inspire people all around the Earth to start their own local versions of what we have begun here.  For more information, see How to become a correspondent, and contact Robert Brothers

Donations are tax-deductible from California income tax, and once we become a federal 501(c)(3) organization, will be retroactively tax-deductible on federal income tax as well.

Please send checks to:
Good News for the Earth
P.O. Box 1443, Willow Creek, CA 95573

Research  This project is beginning to establish an on-going data base of information that has been reported, filed, and categorized for use by anyone interested in the status and progress of actions to benefit the Earth.