Hymn for the Seeds, 349x351HYMN for the SEEDS ~ For the New Year

by Cristobal Ayres Wells, ALL SPECIES PROJECTS, Oaxaca, Mexico

~  This version you can pass on if you like for broadcast planting ~

It came to me that there was no song in the hymnal for Seeds &  If Seeds aren’t divine , well what is ?

So this old school  Praise and Worship  song came to me . It can be sung in a lot of ways ~ This is how it sang the first day that our choir leaned into it :CAW Choir =~ Char =Acordian /JuliaM =Alto Cielo/ Madi Sado=Yarriba!/ JonGagan=Bass/CaW=Guitar&Words

So the goal for a Hymn is to get people to take it to heart and mind by singing it ~ This is a song searching for choirs ~ A song for this year of Earth ~ May Her Songs Free Her ~ CaW