Mother Earth is Grieving,
Reaching Out for Our Help

So many things happening right now are causing Mother Earth great sorrow.  Thrown out of balance by repeated blows, she is unable to prevent the extremes of weather that are causing unprecedented injuries and death to all species of her children.  She feels our suffering from the floods and droughts, heat waves and cold spells, raging fires and smoke, and it pains her greatly. 

Filled with the beauty of life beyond our imagining, bathed in the glory of sun and stars, she feels every scream of agony from the wars and the clearcuts that our schooling tells us to deny.

Her powerlessness to stop these atrocities tears her heart.  Like a boxer hit too many times, she is wobbling on her feet, not anywhere near down yet, but staggering, lurching this way and that, jet stream wandering weirdly over dark water in the Arctic Ocean.  Because she is wobbling like this, breathing in pollution with her habitat filters destroyed, she can no longer defend herself.  But we can. 

Amidst her pain, she is reaching out for help to stop the attacks upon her, reaching out to the cells within her body who are best positioned to help — the ever-increasing numbers of humans who are becoming aware of the work to be done and are doing it.  By aligning ourselves with the Earth through our actions, the Earth is able to support us and guide us so that we will be more effective.  In this way, step by step, we are able to reduce the suffering of countless beings as only we can – by stopping the insane members of our species who are acting like cancer cells, and by inspiring people who feel powerless to join us in building the ways that can heal. 

This is why many of us feel such love coming from our Mother Earth these days – because we are reducing the pain caused to her children. 

Robert Brothers, 1-25-15