Mount Ashland, southern Oregon

Mount Ashland’s creek water speaks to Our Lady of the Mountain, Nancy Bloom:

“Here is the video from down by the creek — the spinning of White Circle, or cone, reminded me of Mount Ashland in her snowy aspect which we pray for more of, spinning through the cycles of the year — the medicine wheel of the year — on and on, amidst the flows of the waters that come from her. I had a delightful walkabout and meditation time going from sacred place to sacred place along the creek and by the little waterfalls, honoring and recalling all the sacred places and times I have experienced on Mount Ashland over the past 34 years.

“Bless our mountains and our waters !

“In Gratitude and Love, Nancy Bloom 

Our Lady of the Mountain giving blessings at Blessing Mount Ashland, 7 years ago

Video of Ashland Creek   

And here’s “Streamsong,” given by the Mountain to Nancy many years ago along Ashland Creek.