At the summit of Mout Baldy, 4,200 ft. Paul Nugent, director of the Aetherius Society that organized their pilgrimage on Mt Baldy, called their Aug 25th ceremony the “most magical ever”.

Suzy Chaffee writes:  Thanks to Olivia Ellis being a student of Britain’s mystic, Dr George King, the founder of the Aetherius Society, she helped us partner with them on Aug 25th, after I met with their director Paul Nugent in LA in April.  

I wanted to first personally thank him, Oscar, Lesley, and his team for joining with our tribes during the 2011 SW Fires, which stopped the flames with wind and rain right across the street from the Los Alamos Nuclear LAB.  Their multi faith Pilgrimage on Mt Baldy directed some of their prayer power toward Arizona and New Mexico. Plus in 2014, they directed their Prayer Power Battery toward my Puerto Vallarta, which magnanimously turned the 225 mph Hurricane Patricia, the fiercest in history, why our port is still standing.

Those of us who attended ceremonies shared feeling some extraordinary energy through connecting our pure hearts with Mother Earth’s.  Most understood the universal law that wherever we are praying from is also blessed with what is needed, how we are helping prevent fires globally.   To me it felt like we together brought in the New Dawn.