~ One Thing That I Do During Ceremonies for the Earth ~
by Robert Brothers

Feel Life’s love within my body, amplify it, and spread it.
. . . Beginning where my feet touch the ground, I feel the pulse of my heartbeat in the cells of my toes, arch and heel, glowing, tingling, and I savor it, cherish it, and move it with the in and out of my breath, spreading, up through my legs, hips, tummy, chest, and head until I am filled with the pulse of life that has been with me every day of my life.

Fully aware now of that which fills me, I can now feel with heightened senses that in which I am totally immersed and fulfilled — the larger body in which we all dwell, Mother Earth.

Beginning with the ground under by feet and the air all around me, I softly take my place within it, savor this feeling, cherish it. From my place in the larger awareness, I let my attention wander to the pull of the ceremony, the focus. I remember the joyful feel of snow under my feet on Mount Ashland, the wind blowing it into the trees, blessing the water that it brings for all to share.

Now in the extreme heat of the new summers, I remember the blessing of the water. I feel it soothing every cell in my little body, I feel it lapping along the shores of my veins and along the shores of Gaia’s rivers, and I remember the bliss of unexpected raindrops falling from the skies of August in years past. This is Peace with Earth, and it is easy.

Thinking about the fires that the winds of change are blowing wildly through the forests, brushfields, grasslands, fields, orchards, and towns of our planet, there is no way to pretend that Peace with Wildfires will be easy. Their current ferocity is a sign of a planet out of balance.

We are all struggling with it, and thus it is good that so many of us are coming together on Saturday to share our hearts’ wish for Peace with Wildfires — together to feel our way to the actions that will help restore the balance within the larger body in which we all dwell.

Comments to my fb post the day before our ceremonies:

  Suzy Chaffee Thank you for that sensitive powerful visualization, and putting your great heart into organizing your extraordinary friends in this evolutionary Return to Beautiful Balance with Mother Earth
 Robert Brothers And, Suzy, guess what? “Coincidentally”, a nice person who I last saw in 2009 when they agreed to share a cab from the airport to NYC with me just happened to be going through old photos, found me, and looked me up. So now, we are 35 places strong.
Onward . . .
 Cindy McMurphy Time for a rain dance, and to dance in rain.
 Nancy Coburn Rich Today is, potentially, a good day to dance, so I did…n
Suzy Chaffee Yay Cindy and Nancy, So glad you could join Bobcat and us in bringing in this stunning New Dawn. It’s raining cats and dogs in Vallarta after our Azteca-Huichol-Cherokee ceremony and we’re sending off to California and other places who need it more.
Cindy McMurphy Always a blessing to sing and dance, just do it. It will bring much love and joy. I know I need it, dancing with you . am having blood transfusions today and next month, so can we with me every day to heal and love out planet and elders. And the ones gone,before us. I love you all. Jack Falls-Rock
Cindy McMurphy And give all our babies and young ones big hugs so they always remember. Just do it. Dance in the sun, in the rain, when its hard , do the kick butt dance, and smile to grandfather and grand mother. Tell them thank you. And they love you back, in our dreams…..Jack falls-rock
Suzy Chaffee In joyfully healing Mother Earth, we are showing humanity how we can heal ourselves in so many ways!