Dear Friends,  I’d like to tell you the story of an inspiring experience that I had last fall with what I like to call “Gaia’s Catalyst Card”.

 3,000 people were handed these “Only We” cards at the Bioneers Conference in October, thanks to my friends, Maria & Alan, who showed the cards to Bioneers co-founder Nina Simons.  And when I heard that Nina had asked volunteers to pass these out to everyone as they left the conference, I was thrilled.  and knew that this meme, “Only We”, is sticky, like one of those little sticker-burrs that get passed from critter to critter.  Or like a wind-blown seed drifting through the internet for anyone to grab and plant.



So how about this?  You could pass along these “Only We” cards to your friends, print out more and pass them on further.  Businesses could include an “Only We” card with every purchase, and display them on store counters.

An “Only We” card, you say, what is that?  Well, is Gaia’s Wake Up Card to us:  This is how it is; we are all in it together.

To demonstrate the diversity of our unity, cards will be printed in other languages and with other images of Earth, like this:







Here’s a basic intro to use when handing someone the card:  “Hi, this is Gaia’s Wake Up Card, with a message for us.”

Or, for those who know this story:  “Here’s your Hundredth Monkey Card.  It’s time.”
Or, suggest that it is as an Earthling Activator Card.  “If you take this card, you may find deep feelings of love for our planet, other humans, and all species come to you unexpectedly, and then ideas may come too, about how to help”.

Alternative names for the cards include:  Mother Earth’s Calling Card, Planetary Citizen ID Card, and the Biosphere’s Business Card, etc.

This message first came through to me as the beginning of a sentence:  “Only We can Save Mother Earth for Our Children.”

In other words, saving the Earth is a do-it-ourselves project.  Only relying on elected representatives is a failed strategy.  So the “Only We” Project is wiki.  We are the Key.  The beautiful thing is, “We” is all inclusive.  All humans, all plants, all animals have the same common interests –> the health of the whole enchilada!

Please consider downloading the file from, printing them out, passing them around, and encouraging others to do the same.  Think of this as a game, a conceptual art project, guerilla theater, or passing out party favors for the Evolution

In order to encourage other folks to join in, cards can be printed with these words on the back.

Files to print more

of everyone’s

cards are available,

free at

Cards with no info on back are often best, especially when handing out to folks in the general public, like at the Bioneers.  Leaving the flip side blank makes clear that this is not from any special interest group.

If you only have time for handing out the cards, I could mail some to you.

With a little help from our friends, this will work as one catalyst for a world-wide blossoming of Earth-saving actions.  A miraculous meme has been let loose upon the world.  And you now have a way to join in!



p.s.  Here’s where this card comes from, the pristine wild lands of northern California where I live.


I am helping the “Only We” card spread further than the 3,000 handed out at Bioneers, simply by networking with my friends as time and opportunity arise.  For example, two weeks ago I drove to Arcata after having been home since Thanksgiving.  I stopped by to see Donald at his store, Global Village Gallery, and gave him a few cards to put out, with a nice little wooden bowl to put them in.  Then I went down the street a couple of stores to Northtown Books.  I’ve gotten to know the owner there, Dante, because I keep showing up at poetry readings by Jerry Martien or Jim Dodge.  He was happy to see the cards, so I gave him the same set up I gave Donald.  Stopping through Willow Creek on my way home, I left the same set up at Riversong Natural Foods with Hilary, manager for Audrey who I met many years ago at Good Medicine, the home of Windsong & Ohana.  On that same trip, I mailed 200 to Libby Goines, now in Colorado with a beautiful weaving studio set up with the help of her son Eusheen, a world-class glass blower.  Joanne Rand is bringing them to Florida now.  A while back, Lindy Kehoe gave hers to Zahira, who is now touring the country with her reggae band.    Earlier, Clan Dyken took the cards on their 23rd annual Beauty Way Tour, bringing food and supplies to the Navajo Elders and Big Mountain and Black Mesa.  So the cards are moving out there, gradually, with lots of help from my friends

The “Only We” Project has a theme song, one that has guided me in 30 years of activism, since I first heard it sung by my old friend from Lorien, I-chele Chhaya.

We shall lift each other up,

Robert Brothers, Ph.D.

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