Organic vegetable garden at Amrita University

February 16, 2015, | “Encouraged by Amma’s message that everyone should be able to eat vegetables grown organically at least once in a week, the college students at Amrita University’s Amritapuri campus have started an organic vegetable garden using natural methods of cultivation. The garden is flourishing with the growth of colorful, delicious produce, including spinach, okra, tomatoes, tapioca, green chilies, cauliflower, pumpkins, and bananas. The students take turns coming every day to water and tend to the plants, with Wednesdays set aside for all the students to work together.”

Robert BrothersGoodNews FortheEarth “Encouraged by Amma’s emphasis on the importance of growing and eating organic produce, students at the Amritapuri campus of Amrita University have started an organic vegetable garden. Recently, a few students asked Amma how to address a consistent problem they faced – the birds in the nearby area had taken to eating the tomatoes even before they were plucked. Amma replied, “It’s alright; let the birds also benefit from the garden. In fact, we should be giving them the tomatoes first. Aren’t they also a part of the nature we are trying to reconnect with?”

The students take turns every day to water and tend to the plants and Wednesdays are set aside for all the students to come and work together. With their continued determination and enthusiasm, the students plan to expand the garden to accommodate a larger variety of fresh produce and to accomplish their long-term goal of making the Amritapuri campus 100% organic.”

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