PUERTO VALLARTA, Pacific Ocean, Mexico

Suzy Chaffee writes:  “I had the honor of dancing with a group of Azteca-Huicohole, led by Mexica (shaman) Itzcax, with his wife Mayahuel, Zitlaltezcatl, Zitlalpopoca (Alex), Mwieri (Manuel), Zitlai (took video) and Tlawitzin with the fire.

“I invited everyone to our Azteca-Huichole-Cherokee ceremony with the magnificent Atzin Yolotil Danza group in Puerto Vallarta on the 25th, at the Cuates y Cuetes Restaurant and the beach next to Los Muertos Pier, with the help of an article in the local paper.  We were inspired by solidarity with the “Stop California Fires” ceremonies on holy mountains, which turned into a Huge Hug around Mother Earth.

Manuel Chavarria Paz, photos courtesy of Mayahuel

“Our ceremony was led by Itzcax, and some of us got choked up as we danced around an altar of flowers, fruits, tribal sculptures and a heart-shaped rock representing Mother Earth/Madre Tierra.  I brought my rescue dog, who only responds to  “San Francisco” — representing the great Saint of Nature, and the billions of birds and animals that these ceremonies can save. (A seer at Telluride’s Awareness Festival saw him behind me, my spirit guide, so I did a pilgrimage to his cave in Assisi.)

“Near the end, Itzcax and I read Olivia’s “Call to Arms” prayer in both languages, which said it all:

“The Star People are reaching out with their invisible hands to help us mightily at this time.  Let us stand and deliver with them, arms interwoven with theirs as we praise Creator for perfecting this Earth Goddess we call Home.”

“At the end we all sang touching songs to Mother Earth, Mother Ocean and Neptune and then threw little birds of paradise flowers into the waves, befitting our global embrace is “restoring Eden,” as Olivia said. 

“I thanked Creator for guiding each of us, especially my dear friends Olivia, Paul and Bobcat, to join in what turned out to be “magical” ceremonies. And we were all first awakened by our Earth Mother through Her magnificent mountains, and for me, joyfully dancing down them.” 

      At Mountain or Ocean, Devotion.