Region’s Tribal Leaders Gather In Seattle To Fight Coal Terminal

JoDe Goudy, chairman of the Yakama Nation, calls on the Federal Government to deny permits for the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal at a gathering of tribal leaders from around the Northwest, British Columbia and Montana. May 14, 2015, | “Native American leaders gathered Thursday in Seattle to draw attention to the ongoing battle between tribes from British Columbia and around the Northwest, and the companies that want to export coal and oil to Asia.  Leaders from the Lummi, Spokane, Quinault, Yakama, Tulalip, Northern Cheyenne, Swinomish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nation of British Columbia gathered at the Ballard Locks in Seattle to call on the Army Corps of Engineers to deny permits for the Gateway Pacific Terminal, which could be built near the Canadian border.”

Tribal leaders from British Columbia, Montana and all over Washington state gathered in Seattle Thursday to demand that the federal government deny permits for the largest coal export terminal in the U.S.|By Ashley Ahearn
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