We are offering a *new strategy* — highlighting the good news of our successes in addition to the bad news about the threats.
Good news will inspire more people to join in creating a new way of living that can succeed!

Why we cover only good news

It’s not that we don’t feel that the bad news about threats to the environment isn’t important for people to know. Instead, we feel
that this is *so* important that we want to give people the good news about the many examples of how we are *successfully* dealing with these threats – in order to inspire them to join in.

It’s like this. If we tell people, “Hey, the glass that you thought was full is actually half empty,” they may become depressed, “Oh no, it’s too late now, nothing can be done! Soon it will be completely empty, so there’s no sense even bothering to try to fill it. That would just be a waste of time.”

For years, the environmental movement has been telling folks that the glass is half empty — which it is, or worse! Fortunately, many have been spurred to action by the emergency. But many have not.

Therefore, we feel it’s time for another strategy. If we say to people, “Hey, the glass that you thought was almost empty is actually getting more and more full every day because of people’s hard work,” then this may inspire them. “Whew, I thought it was hopeless, but people are actually beginning to stop the losses and starting to fill the glass back up, so I’d like to join in!”


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