Dear Friends, I was in seclusion at my home for the last few months of the winter of 2021.  With my mind’s access to busyness shut down in the remote mountain wildlands where I live, a lovely quiet ensued, and in the midst of this, like a cloud rising from the water, I got an inspiration.  I realized that my discovery of an undeniable Spirit connection between Mount Shasta, Mount Ashland, and Ti’lomikh was unlike anything I’d ever heard of anyone discovering.  It really needs to be widely known as a demonstration that Earth is conscious, purposeful, and compassionate — compassionate enough to establish in this spectacular fashion, with focused magic mountain energy, the best fishing place on the Rogue River, the ancestral village and ceremonial center of the Takilma people.  The specific revelation was that there is a most wonderful way to get the story out there:  a painting.  Things have moved smoothly since then, affirmation after affirmation, until on a clear morning, looking out my window at the Deer looking back at me, the ancient Creation story that is posted on the Homepage came through.

I certainly have no special knowledge of these things.
But as someone trained in science, when I see an undeniable sign, like the Osprey’s flight, showing an answer to an unexplainable fact — 3 major mountains in alignment with a sacred site along a mile-wide path 160 miles long — then I take it seriously.
The story that came to me seems consistent with other stories in this region, so I offer it simply as one possible narrative for a basic fact that stands above interpretation.

— Robert Brothers,, 
Facilitator of Blessing Mount Ashland for 13 years, 2007-2019.
Forest Policy Analyst, Headwaters Environmental Center, 1990-2000
Other participants in these ceremonies include Windsong Diane Martin,, Ohana Martin, Meredith McFadden,, Albert Pepe, Robin Houghton, JoyLove Robinsong, She’om David Rose, Echo Miller, Miranda Starr, Louise Rouse, and Katya Simpson