TI’LOMIKH FALLS on the ROGUE RIVER, southern Oregon
On the evening after our ceremonies 
Lauren Taylor wrote, “Sending a virtual fresh breeze from Ti’lomikh Falls where the sky is blue and the AQI is 32. ????
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Photo by Thomas Doty. Click here for more info on this ancient village and ceremony site.

SO grateful for this fresh air and clean water.   

I had been praying from my yard but got guidance to go to Ti’lomikh Falls and do it from there. The air was pretty clear when I arrived except for a huge plume of smoke coming from the northeast. After I called in support and anchored in the intention for balance, harmony, and peace among all elements, a huge Osprey came to circle overhead, and the energy shifted dramatically. Soon, that ominous plume receded. By late-afternoon, it was totally clear with blue skies and a cool breeze coming off the river. ?

Bobcat responded, “could have been the same Osprey that flew right over our heads at Blessing Mount Ashland in the spring of 2017, coming from the direction of Mount Shasta, and headed straight for the Rogue River.  This flyover happened as I was beginning to talk to introduce the ceremony, as if to remind me to tell everyone just what that fish hawk might be doing at 7,000 feet over the snow — simply pointing the way to the best fishing spot on the Rogue River, home to the origin story of the Takelma people and the Sacred Salmon Ceremony.

This ley line lines up.  Check it out on a map sometime, and you can see how nicely Earth Mother has lined up sacred places to reinforce each other.

Because we were at each of these three places, focused on the same prayer at the same time, we would share energy even without having to know about it.

Lauren Taylor Wow, an osprey few over that ceremony?! I’ve never seen an osprey up there!

I Love this! We are so connected! ?I definitely tapped into the field because I got the guidance to go to Ti’lomikh Falls right after I joined in the prayer. And it was SO powerful from there. ??Thanks for letting me know all this.  (Big shoutout to Robert Brothers for coordinating our prayers to calm the wildfires!)

Here’s the ley line pathway: