Trees Planted by Ruch Elem. Students

Lomakatsi Restoration Project's photo.

February 12, 2015, | “Eighth graders in Ruch are taking learning outside the classroom. The students from Ruch Elementary planted trees near Lone Pine Creek in Medford.  The group partnered with the Lomakatsi Restoration Project to learn about the area. Organizers say the nearly 80 trees planted will help shade the fish bearing stream. The project was created to help students engage in hands-on outdoor activities.”

8th Graders Plant 80 Trees & Shrubs along Lone Pine Creek, Medford, OR

“Lomakatsi had a great time out at Lone Pine Creek in Medford this week leading students from Ruch Community School in hands-on riparian restoration. A total of 80 native trees and shrubs were planted along the creek, including ponderosa pine, Oregon ash, Oregon grape, incense cedar and big leaf maple, to provide habitat for fish and wildlife and improve water quality. The students also helped remove invasive parrot feather from the creek with guidance by a representative from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife…”
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