VOLUNTEER CORRESPONDENTS — included are name, location, occupations, affiliations, and areas of interest.  All but Kevin are on Facebook, and names are linked to Facebook pages.

Christine Van Den Meerssche Christine Van Den Meerssche, Courtenay, British Columbia

—  Isabel Nortje Lass, Cape Town, South Africa. Interests: food, permaculture, organic, sustainable development. “I grew up in a very conservative home and area, so my activist side has only really come alive in the past 5 years I would say. But I know that there is hope for Mother Earth – as we stand up one by one, and unite by doing what we need to do, and doing the right thing (whatever that may be for each person).”

—  Kevin Village Stone Kiwamura, Kelseyville, California; Board Member, Good News for the Earth; musician, composer, traditional storyteller, Native American Music Awards nominee, Whispering Light Music

Profile Picture Leila Bee, Vancouver, British Columbia; “Horticultural consultant, poultry consultant at Art Knapp Plantland, studied Herbalism at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing”

—  Lily L. Diamond, Ojai, California, Green Mother Medicine

—  Pedro Di Girólamo A.Santiago, Chile; eco-social projects, permaculture, opposition to Big Coal Power Plants and Big Hydropower Dams instead of the use of Renewable Energies and Decentralized Energy Autonomy, working with disabled people planting vegetables in discarded plastic bottles

—   Robert Brothers, Willow Creek, California; Project Manager, Board Chair, Good News for the Earth; website editor, Board Member, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, Ashland, Oregon, ecological restoration

—   Rosie Carnam, Arcata, California; Outreach Coordinator, Good News For the Earth; Studied wildland fire management at Humboldt State University

 Sharon MorganLouisville, KentuckyLouisville Ban the Bag

  Thérèse Williams, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Founder, Director at Food And Permaculture For Communities


How to become a correspondent

Everyone is welcome to post articles at * Share News *

If you have a long-term interest in building this campaign, then please consider signing up as a volunteer correspondent.  It’s encouraging to know that people from different parts of the world, with different interests, are inspired to share good news for the Earth with others.

To begin, just start posting news stories here on the website,  or send a friend request to us at our Facebook page, GoodNews FortheEarth and begin posting there.

After you’ve had a chance to practice, write us at info@goodnewsfortheearth.org, or message us on Facebook, and then we’ll correspond a bit about what categories of news and/or geographic areas you might want to specialize in, what sources we know about for those categories, etc.  Getting to know each other like this is part of the good news process.

As this campaign grows, people may want to branch out and create their own independent and more specialized websites, such as Africa-Permaculture, or Europe-GMOs.  Eventually the concept of good news for the Earth will spread so broadly that we will be seeing websites like Cairo-Community Gardens.

You have the chance to be in at the beginning.   “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”